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This practice is a safe and accepting environment for all. I support and affirm all LGBTQ+ identities and I am respectful of all racial, ethnic, and cultural identities and experiences.

I am licensed in North Carolina with an Associate License in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (LCMHC-A #A18778) and a M.Ed. in mental health counseling from North Carolina State University.

I spent 21 years in the U.S. military and have been peer mentoring in the addiction recovery community for over 10 years. My time with these two populations, and my own personal experiences, have given me a passion for understanding and treating trauma (in other words, the ongoing impacts of difficult experiences) and the many conditions that arise along with it. This includes anxiety, depression, substance and alcohol use disorders, other addictive patterns, and difficulties dealing with other people, just to name a few. My background has also given me particular experience with men's issues and I enjoy working with male clients.

I utilize person-centered cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), an evidence-based approach that addresses harmful thinking processes, emotions and/or behaviors. Being person-centered means that I will treat you with unconditional acceptance and see you as an equal partner in our work together. I am "in EMDR training," meaning that I have taken the training and am authorized to provide EMDR, but I am still under a certified EMDR consultant's supervision. I am also trained in Brainspotting and Written Exposure Therapy, and I see clients both virtually and in-person.


Mustangs are wild horses that often experience significant hardships and challenges to survive. These experiences can strongly affect their sense of safety, trust, and emotional well-being. Many will remain hypervigilant to danger long after their environment has become safe. However, mustangs are also known for being exceptionally tough, intelligent, and resilient, and they are highly valued over other types of horses for these characteristics.

This is very similar to how trauma survivors move through the world. Unprocessed trauma can have devastating impacts on our current well-being, no matter how long ago it may have happened.

Trauma-informed therapy helps the brain process trauma properly and can significantly decrease or eliminate the impact it has on daily life. Therapy is also meant to identify and maximize our strengths; trauma survivors possess an incredible capacity for resilience. We have navigated through difficult circumstances, demonstrating a remarkable ability to adapt, survive, and eventually thrive.


How can I help?

Trauma can arise from many things; grief, pain, relationship issues, accidents, etc. I primarily treat trauma and the issues that come with it (anxiety, depression, substance abuse, etc.) through EMDR, Brainspotting and trauma-informed CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy). I see individual adults only (early 20's and above) and do both telehealth and in-person.

What will it cost?

  • Initial 15-minute phone consultation is free
  • All sessions are 50 minutes at $150

I am self-pay; I do not take any insurance at this time. To see if you can get reimbursed by your insurance, the Mentaya checker below will give you an immediate cost breakdown.

How can you contact me?

Phone: (919) 443-0765
Email: carrieann@triangletrauma.com
If you need help now:

  • Call a hotline: 988 is the national hotline. There are also specific ones for domestic violence, LGBTQ+, military, etc. These are very easy to find online.
  • Call 911
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